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  1. When you click on the blue button below, this takes you to an external web page where the time of the next solstice or equinox is given in Universal Time Coordinated (UTC)
  2. Then fill in the location box at the right or at the bottom to convert this time to your local time. Make a note of this local Time and Date in your calendar. (Please note the event can be the day before or after, depending on your time zone)
  3. Please note you need to click the back button 🔙 on the time zone converter web page afterward to take you back to my page here

"Then sign up for Gaia Healing"

Please note:

  • If you register too late, your registration will become valid for the next Gaia Healing Session.
  • Please avoid registering twice for the same session!
  • Only registrations to the next healing session can be made.
  • All information will be treated as strictly confidential.

I only use your name and address as a means to tune in when I am sending distance healing to you. I never sell or release your name and address to third parties or send you unsolicited mails. All names and addresses are deleted from my registers at the end of each month. However, if you want to subscribe to receive notifications about the next healing sessions or new information posted on my site, please go to Reminders.

Waiver. Please note that the information on this website as well as healing therapy is not designed to replace advice, diagnosis, medicines and medical treatment prescribed by qualified doctors. Please continue to follow medical advice. My transmission of healing energy should be seen more as a bonus or the answer to a prayer. By registering for distance healing, you acknowledge and approve this waiver.