New Moon Distance Healing!

Raise your consciousness!

This form of distance healing is given at 20:00 your local time (LT) on the day of the New Moon. Please note that you have to sign up 48 hours before. To register, click on the sign-up button at the top/right of this page!

I will meditate and say my prayers for you in advance. When I pray, I generate the feeling that you have already succeeded in reaching your goals, whether they are to do with your mind, body or spirit.

You are welcome to meditate during the healing session. At the beginning of your meditation, please be aware that you will receive healing energy during this session. You can meditate in whatever way you want. If you want to follow a guided meditation or listen to the sound of a singing bowl, you can download and listen to one of the soundtracks I have recorded. If you don’t meditate, please sit down or lie down and relax for around 30 minutes starting at 20.00 your local time. Don’t worry if you don’t actively participate, because this form of healing works even if you forget when to do it. People who register but don’t actively participate in the New Moon Healing session usually notice intuitively that something is going on at the time of the session or they feel the effect the day after.

People from all over the world participate in my healing sessions. With New Moon Healing, my aim is that you can meditate and experience the New Moon healing at a convenient time wherever you are in the world. Therefore the time when you receive healing is set at 20:00 your local time (even though I channel and send out the healing energies in advance of this time).

I have chosen to run my healing activities by means of donations. This is to give everybody the possibility to receive healing regardless of their economic situation. Your support gives me the possibility to continue the healing sessions and maintain my website. And please share with your social media network that this opportunity exists!