About Thor!

Healing came to be a big part of my life in the 1990s but has always been with me ever since my childhood. As a child, it was clear that it was easy for me to get in contact with animals and communicate with them. Later in adolescence, it was my green fingers that made me think I had healing energy. The flowers in our garden grew incredibly quickly and flourished. My mother was often wondering what I did to make them grow but it just came naturally to me.

I took up healing seriously after I had received guidance from a wise woman who informed me about what I could do with my healing ability.

I started to give regular healing sessions where I received one client at a time. I also did a lot of guided meditations, and it came naturally to do healing in the context of meditation. I developed healing meditation more and more, and the participants liked this kind of combined healing and meditation very much. The results were just as good, if not better, compared to when I gave individual healing sessions.

I was born in Sweden in 1958 and I now live in Portugal. Distance healing gives me the opportunity to reach out and help many people including those who would not otherwise come into contact with healing. I am best when I give healing to larger groups, and when transmitting healing energies in the simplest possible way. The forms of healing that I do are not tied to any belief system and there is no religious element. Most of my knowledge of healing has come to me when I was in an altered state of consciousness, such as in meditation.

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